KC Mac N’ Co

Chef Dwight Tiller never liked the way macaroni and cheese was presented, so he spent four years developing a recipe that met his own standards. After KC Mac N’ Co. developed cult favorite status as a pop-up concept operating out of his family’s food truck, Tiller brings his secret mac and cheese recipe to Parlor along with some other deliciously reimagined comfort food classics. Made with a creamy but not-too-rich cheese sauce and cavatappi pasta, the mac and cheese is served classic-style with a crispy bread crumb topping, smoked brisket, or the famous honey-serrano crispy chicken. You can also find the mac pressed in a waffle iron or fried up as fritters, but save room for the fried Co. Cobbler for dessert.

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Signature Honey Serrano Mac (Our Original Macaroni)

Our artisan mac, topped with a B&B (Buffalo and Buttermilk)-marinated, twice-fried chicken, and honey serrano pepper glaze

Buff N’ough

Our artisan mac, topped with signature B&B chicken, and Bussin’ Buffalo sauce blended with garlic and peppers for an added kick!

Cowboy Mac

Our artisan mac, tossed and topped with smoked brisket from Deez Nachos KC, and a fried buttermilk onion garnish

Chick N’ Waffle

Signature B&B chicken, served over a 6-cheese mac waffle and topped with our S&S (Something sweet and Something Spicy) sauce

Just Mac

Cavatappi noodles tossed in a creamy cheese béchamel(white sauce), 6-cheese blend, and garlic panko topping


The Co. Wedges

Fried potato wedges tossed in a flavorful herb blend, salt and cotija cheese

Mac Fritters

Two artisan mac fritters, breaded and fried in a panko herb blend; finished white grated parmesan and a tomato cream dipping sauce

Sweet Treats

The Co. Cobbler

Peach Cobbler filling, breaded, fried, and dusted with cinnamon sugar; served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream